The Key to Higher Profits: Pricing Power – Free Download


Imagine a world in which over 80% of companies have come under increased pricing pressure, and almost 60% of companies are embroiled in a “hot” price war. The vast majority of companies feel they can’t justify a price increase above current levels of inflation. Even when they dare to raise prices at all, they manage to get only half of what they ask for. What you just imagined is real. These discouraging circumstances describe day-to-day life right now for thousands of companies around the world. At a time when every dollar, Euro, yen, or yuan in profit is precious, even some of the world’s most prominent companies, such as consumer products giant Procter & Gamble, often struggle to make price increases stick. This struggle reflects weakness in pricing power, the ability of a company to get the prices it deserves for the value it delivers to customers.

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