Juriaan Deumer

About Juriaan

Juriaan Deumer is a partner in Simon-Kucher's Amsterdam office. He specializes in areas where ‘tech & touch’ meet’, more specifically at intersections where hardware, software and services converge in B2B-focused segments, mostly within industrials and business services. He is leading the Dutch Private Equity practice and has worked for many PE-backed companies.

Through his extensive experience in unlocking better growth, Juriaan has in-depth commercial expertise in strategy development, revenue model innovation, and proposition optimization. He has advised numerous clients on their journey toward value-based pricing. Furthermore, he has supported sales teams in increasing their effectiveness and commercial performance.

Juriaan earned a Master of Science in Corporate Finance from the University of Amsterdam. As a consultant, he has extensive international experience in several European and Asian countries. He has published numerous articles that have been featured in forums including Professional Pricing Society and continues to be a speaker at pricing and sales conferences.