Simonkucher : Why Simon-Kucher?

Take your career to the next level!

We are the world’s leading pricing consultancy and a top player in marketing and sales consulting. That means: we help our clients grow revenue and profits, or in other words, to improve their TopLine Power®.

The more we grow, the more top talent we need to share in our success. We’re always looking for excellent communicators with sharp analytical skills who are bursting with entrepreneurial spirit. 

Our hiring process is rigorous and selective, ensuring only the best and brightest are welcomed aboard. Then on the job, we ensure you thrive and further develop your skills so that we can soar together. So if you’re looking to join a team that can propel you to excellence, read on!

Six reasons why you should choose a career with us:

1. Our vision

Imagine a workplace that fills you with a daily sense of growth and personal development, one that unleashes your potential while fostering mutual respect and inclusion at the same time. Simon-Kucher promotes an atmosphere conducive to the growth of both companies as well as individuals. We’re the best in our field because we combine an entrepreneurial spirit with a vision of team success and personal excellence. 

The reason it feels like being part of something bigger is our way of working together. Our mutual support for one another and the sense of belonging we share. We value substance over style and never lose sight of our common goal – to make a positive impact in everything we do. What better way to achieve that than providing employees with ample opportunities to grow, giving them the freedom to take on responsibility and instilling them with a pioneer spirit that can tackle any challenge whether great or small? 

If you share our vision, join us as we reimagine the future. Together we can make a difference.

2. Outstanding values and culture

Simon-Kucher cultivates a unique company culture that places extraordinary emphasis on integrity, mutual respect and meritocracy. We’re committed to full transparency, both with our clients and our associates. That means we communicate our feedback directly to you in respectful, productive terms. 

We trust you with enormous autonomy right from the start, and we always prioritize great ideas over pre-set rules or hierarchy. Our associates are selected for their can-do attitude, creativity and boundless initiative. In the team, we inspire each other to do our very best, viewing every triumph as a new opportunity to achieve even greater things together for our clients. 

Instead of pitting our associates against each other, we ensure everyone shares in our successes and works together to face new challenges. The result is amazing: a tight-knit family atmosphere where mutual support and an open exchange of ideas are second nature. The steep learning curve, variety of assignments and our continuous education program guarantee you continue to grow and thrive. Our culture combines pragmatism with perfectionism, and despite the hard work we all put in, we also know how to have fun on the job and keep a healthy work-life balance. Read more about our common values here.

3. We are the premier specialists in our field

Thanks to our clear focus on TopLine Power® and growth, our expertise in pricing, sales, and marketing are ranked among the deepest and broadest in the consulting world. Our teams help clients grow revenue and profits rather than cutting costs. We are renowned as the world’s best pricing consultancy. All our consultants are TopLine Power® specialists, and they combine this with deep knowledge on one or more industries. Read more about our company here.

4. High impact – long-lasting value

Our solutions have an immediate impact and deliver long-term benefit for our clients. At each step along the way, we take an inclusive approach that integrates all stakeholders in a project. Then once the results have been developed, we ensure that they are effectively implemented and stand by our clients as they integrate them into their company’s processes, habits and thinking.

(Since our founding in 1985, our impact has generated the equivalent of € 20 billion and fueled the creation of some 700,000 jobs worldwide.) Over the years we’ve helped thousands of companies to survive, to achieve rapid growth and strengthen their competitive position. And in the end, it’s their business impact that’s the ultimate measure of our own success.

As a leading-edge consultancy, we know that incorporating new approaches and technologies has never been more crucial for success than in today’s digitalized world. We are constantly exploring all available options for improving our performance now and in the future.

5. Growth: our globetrotting companion
We’ve got a reputation as world leader in pricing because we’re the best at what we do, putting value on the table on a global scale. Our dynamic team is taking the world by storm with offices across five continents to tackle international projects of every shape and size. Want to come along? You’ll work with colleagues from all corners of the globe, and travel the world making an impact that transcends cultures as well as national borders. 

Besides, our global rotation program gives you the flexibility to spend time in countries you may have only dreamed of exploring. For example, if you’re working in New York or San Francisco, you could get the opportunity to work in Singapore or London for a time. And since we’re constantly opening new offices around the world, you could have the chance to be part of a founding team. Read more about our growth here.

6. We’re a company of entrepreneurs
Partners at our consultancy are literally driven by the entrepreneurial spirit. That’s because they’re all owners of the company and directly benefit from its success via dividends that pay out on top of annual wages. They’re motivated to look beyond short-term successes, protect the long-term viability of the company and sustain growth in the future. So our Partners’ interests are always perfectly aligned with what’s best for the company as a whole. 

Do you thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment focused on results as well as long-term impact? Are you driven to embrace challenge with the creative spirit of an entrepreneur? Then you’ve come to the right place. Read more about our partnership model here.