Simonkucher : Why Simon-Kucher?

Interested in joining us? Great!

We are the world’s leading pricing consultancy and a top player in marketing and sales consulting. Simon-Kucher stands for unlocking growth, and our mission is to boost our clients’ revenues and profits.

We are growing constantly and dynamically, and we are always looking for people who are analytical, good communicators and entrepreneurial. We have the highest standards and hire only the best and brightest. And we then help our people grow. If you want to be part of our team, read on!

Five reasons why you should choose a career with us

1. We are the premier specialists in our field

Thanks to our clear focus on commercial growth, our expertise in marketing and sales are ranked among the deepest and broadest in the consulting world. Our teams help clients grow revenue and profits rather than cutting costs. We are also renowned as the world’s best pricing consultancy. All our consultants are commercial growth specialists, and they combine this with deep knowledge on one or more industries. Read more about our company here.

2. Our work has short-term impact and long-lasting value

Our solutions are not only innovative, they are practical and generate measurable results. Simon-Kucher welcomes people who want to be involved at every stage of a project; we stick around until our solutions are implemented and hard-wired in our clients’ processes, habits, and mindsets. We take great pride in achieving real revenue and profit increases for our clients. Their business impact is the ultimate measure of our success.

In today’s dynamic world, it has never been more important to incorporate new approaches and technologies such as digitalization into our work. We constantly explore these to continually do our work better, now and in the future. Read more about how we deal with digitalization here.

3. We are growing fast, globally and steadily

You want to work in a dynamic company with a strong international presence? We’ve got you covered. We are a global company present on five continents with many international projects. Our project teams often include members from several countries, and they travel around the world – not during a global pandemic though! Instead we’ve found new ways to successfully collaborate and remain engaged on a global scale in the midst of COVID-19.

And once the pandemic is behind us, our global office rotation program will once again allow our associates to swap their desk in New York or San Francisco with one in Singapore or London for a few months to several years. And since growth means opening new offices every year, you could also be part of such a start-up team. Read more about our growth here.

4. Our values and culture make us stand out

Every consulting firm has a special culture with its own values. At Simon-Kucher, our most important ones are integrity, team spirit and entrepreneurship. We attract responsible, creative and motivated people who contribute to our clients’ and our firm’s growth, right from the beginning. Read more about our values here.

We may have fewer rules and set-in-stone processes than other firms because we rely on our associates’ common sense. In addition, we assign roles and responsibilities based on each individual’s skills rather than on job titles and hierarchies.

Our culture combines pragmatism with rigor; we welcome all types of people: open and approachable, or reserved and introspective…but fun to work with. We are honest and hands-on; we have a good business sense and work hard…but we don’t place work over everything else. We respect our people’s lives outside of work, and our management practices encourage the right balance.

5. Entrepreneurship drives our business

Unlike many consulting companies, our firm is led by Partners who are entrepreneurs in the truest sense. They not only own part of the company, they also earn value beyond their annual salary and/or dividends by purchasing shares. As a result, they always have the long-term well-being of the company in mind, and look for sustainable future growth. Read more about our Leadership and Partners here.

If you thrive in a growing, dynamic company that values business sense, and if you have your own ideas and visions, we want to hear from you!